With three decades of experience in caring for orangutans, the Center for Great Apes is the only accredited sanctuary for orangutans in North America. As orangutans have been retired from the entertainment business or as exotic pets, the Center has continued to expand to meet the needs of these orangutans in providing them with a permanent home.   

Today, the Center cares for 26 adult orangutan residents now ... and one surprise infant! Twelve of these orangutans are adult males who each need their own habitat (separate from the other males) since the nature of an adult male orangutan is very territorial. With the additional orangutans arriving at the sanctuary from Miami theme park Jungle Island in September 2020, more indoor and outdoor is needed to accommodate these orangutans. 

Therefore, a new orangutan nighthouse with outdoor domes will be built to give appropriate space to all our orangutan residents. Fundraising for this project has been underway since the arrival of the five Miami orangutans, and we are trying to begin construction this spring.

Our generous donors Mary and Gerald Freisinger Charitable Trust have offered a $50,000 matching grant in honor of our oldest orangutan Popi’s 50th birthday! We need to match this challenge grant by May 31st... so we need your help!     


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