Meet Knuckles

Ape Care

Rhonda Pietsch, Ape Care Manager
David Murphy, DVM, Veterinarian
Carissa Alvarez, RVT & Ape Health Coordinator
Alicia Hansen, Ape Health Coordinator

Katie Anest, Caregiver
Tammy Buhrmester, Caregiver
Mandy Chorman, Caregiver
Ricca DuCharme, Caregiver
Jessie Farrington, Caregiver
Nicole Geffner, Caregiver
Daileen Grega, Caregiver
Elizabeth Fochtman, Caregiver
Alex Henderickson, Nutrition Coordinator
Sydney Kolpien, Caregiver
Basil Malamis, Caregiver
Colten Marcum, Caregiver
Meg Mas, Caregiver
Joe  MooreNutrition Coordinator
Heather Oyola, Nutrition Coordinator
Hailee Schaffer, Caregiver
Erin Simmons, Caregiver
Jenna Skinner, Caregiver
Shannon Snead, Caregiver
Cindy Tower, Caregiver
Laci West, Caregiver
Niki Workley, Caregiver
Erika Vessels, Caregiver
Darlene Winslet, Caregiver
Brea Woodhouse, Caregiver


Patti Ragan, Founding DIrector

Diane Beatty, Donor Relations Director
Sandy Barnes, Facilities Coordinator
Lauren Burditt, Donor Programs Coordinator
Joy Hernandez, Volunteer Coordinator
Lisa Wingo, Office Coordinator
Savannah Perry, Office Assistant
Scott Semrau, Bookkeeper


Tony Snead, Manager
Hecner "Dez" Hernandez
Eddie Lorenzo
Teddy Ray
Mike Trevino


We Need Your Help

As the only accredited orangutan sanctuary in the country and one of a handful of accredited chimpanzee sanctuaries, the Center for Great Apes has been rescuing great apes for over 25 years. The Center for Great Apes does not receive funding from the federal or state governments. We are supported by donations from generous people like you, who care about the future of our orangutans and chimpanzees (both endangered species).

Center for Orangutan and Chimpanzee Conservation, Inc. dba Center for Great Apes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, FEID 65-0444725.

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