PayPal – PayPal is a hassle-free way to give instantly to Center for Great Apes.


Amazon Wish List – Gifts to The Center for Great Apes from our List are large and small items that make a world of difference to the daily lives of the orangutans and chimpanzees and our ongoing operations. We need everything from applesauce and Gatorade to boomer balls and stock tanks. Our apes love care packages! LEARN MORE

ECHOage is an online birthday party service where your child can get the birthday gifts she or he wants and helps the Center for Great Apes simultaneously. EchoAge provides a great starting point for a meaningful conversation about charitable giving between you and your child. Read about one parent’s experience with the EchoAgeLEARN MORE

GIVING DAY FOR GREAT APES - Every year we participate in this incredible global fundraiser.  The impact of donations increases during power hours thanks to matching grants. Giving  Day is Oct 3, 2023. You can donate before or on the day of (Oct 11). Thank you!  We so appreciate any and all the ways you support the sanctuary. Donate by clicking here

Adopt An Ape

It costs $30,000 a year to care for one of our apes. By symbolically adopting the ape of your choice for a one-time donation of $300 OR just $25 a month for one year, you are helping ensure your orangutan or chimpanzee's health, safety, and well-being.

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