Getting To Know Them Better

Pumpkin arrived at the sanctuary in September 2020 from a tourist theme park in Miami along with four other orangutans – her sisters Peanut and Hanna, as well as the elders, Connie and Sinbad.

Pumpkin and Peanut were twin sisters, although they were not identical twins.  Pumpkin was always the larger and stronger of the two, and with Peanut’s serious health challenges early in her life, Pumpkin took on the role of Protector of Peanut.  Peanut sadly passed away in her sleep as a result of her health conditions, and Pumpkin clearly misses her twin.   However, since Peanut’s passing…Pumpkin and her older sister Hanna have spent much more time together often sleeping very near each other and playing together.

Pumpkin loves to be brushed and really enjoys bubble baths.

With a shy and sensitive nature, Pumpkin is always very observant of what the orangutans and humans around her are doing.   She likes to hide in tubs and barrels or build forts where she can climb inside and peek out at others. Pumpkin is very smart and will build towers with large Lego blocks. And she’s quite the artist with paint!

Pumpkin is truly one of the sweetest and most sensitive orangutans at the Center, and our staff has fallen in love with her!

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Interesting Facts

  • Pumpkin lived with her fraternal twin Peanut, until Peanut passed away from kidney failure.
  • She lived at the Parrot Jungle in Miami and later at Jungle Island on Miami Beach until she was moved to the sanctuary.


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