In December of 2017, the Center was contacted about a critically ill 32-year-old female orangutan named Mei. Mei lived at Monkey Jungle, a Florida tourist attraction, and was in urgent need of surgery to remove a tumor in her abdomen. She was transported to the sanctuary for the surgery, but the tumor had grown to such a large size that it filled most of her abdomen seriously compromising her internal organs, and sadly, Mei did not survive.

Mei was only at the sanctuary a short time but made a tremendous impact on all of us. She had a strong spirit and gentle nature and was very trusting of her caregivers here. Mei loved having lots of blankets and was an expert nest-builder making soft and comfortable beds every day. Even though Mei was with us for only four weeks, we fell in love with her and mourned her loss as much as if she had lived here for years.

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