Getting To Know Them Better

Jethro was born at a breeding facility in Miami. He is the older brother of Harry, BamBam, Pumpkin, and Peanut. He performed in entertainment in live stage shows before being retired to Central Florida. Jethro arrived at the sanctuary in 2017 along with Harry, Bailey, Keagan, and Archie.

Jethro is a sweet, shy, and gentle adult male. When he arrived at the Center, he was paired with Bailey, and for the most part, they got along. However, Bailey was sometimes impatient and aggressive with Jethro, and even though she is smaller than he is, Jethro was intimidated much of the time.

When the orangutan Sandra from Argentina arrived at the sanctuary in 2019, she had not been with any orangutan for a decade, and we knew she needed a gentle companion.  From the moment they were introduced, Jethro was patient and gentle letting Sandra approach him when she was ready. Today, Jethro and Sandra are a sweet couple choosing to spend time alone or time together. Jethro enjoys lounging in his hammock or exploring the aerial trailways, and Sandra is never far away.

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Interesting Facts

  • His caregivers describe him as shy and thoughtful.
  • He is mostly solitary except when in the mood to be social with his new friend Sandra.


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