With the second season of the Tiger King now streaming, people have asked us how Bo and Joe (the two chimpanzees who were moved from Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma facility where they lived alone for years in separate cages) are doing now in sanctuary care.

Bo smirks while relaxing at the Center for Great Apes
Bo’s favorite foods are lettuce and greens…and anything that has peanut butter!

Since their arrival at the Center for Great Apes in June 2018, Joe (50) and Bo (40) have learned to live together and have also been introduced to a few female chimpanzees at the sanctuary. These elder males like nothing better than to groom each other…or to be groomed by Maggie and Angel. They also like to play leisurely games of “senior chase” where they will very slowly jog around their habitat with occasional grunts of chimp laughter. If Bo feels like sprinting at full speed, Joe will stop and just watch Bo. They also LOVE naps!

According to their caregiver, Bo’s favorite foods are lettuce and greens…and anything that has peanut butter and condiments added to it. His favorite toys are things that he can easily throw across his enclosure, especially his slinky! Joe’s current pastime is watching his new “neighbor” Jeeter who recently moved in across the way. When Joe has any free time, he will often stand on his tippy-toes hoping to see Jeeter do something exciting.
Joe grins at the camera
Joe has been reunited with his family at the Center for Great Apes

Joe, now 50, was once at a safari park where his (and his mate Lilly’s) babies were pulled and sent to entertainment or the pet trade. A number of Joe’s offspring from around the country were already living at the Center even before he came to us. Joe’s adult sons here are Murray from New York and twins Jacob and Jonah from California. His daughters are Ellie from California and most recently, Tammy from Missouri. Joe’s grandson Bentley also arrived here from Tampa one year before Joe arrived.

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