It is essential to great apes' physical and mental well-being that they are kept engaged and stimulated. There are several types of enrichment that we utilize; sensory, food-based, manipulative, environmental, and behavioral-social. Each type of enrichment encourages our residents to overcome challenges and to solve problems that would be natural to them.

Each month we fundraise for unique enrichment items or food items that will be provided to the apes for daily enrichment or special activities. As an enrichment sponsor, you decide on the amount you would like to donate.


For the month of September, in conjunction with Popi's Pop-Up Shop (a virtual shopping fundraiser event), we are looking to raise $500 to sponsor a Looky-Lou. A Looky-Lou is a
large, durable mirror set into a heavy-duty plastic designed specifically for great apes. Since chimpanzees and orangutans are both self-aware, this is the perfect enrichment activity for them to examine their faces and various body parts that they wouldn't otherwise get to see. 
As an enrichment sponsor, you may donate as little as $5 or as much as the total cost of
the item and any donation amount in between.

Every donation is important and meaningful!

Popi's Pop-Up link:


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