By becoming a Day Sponsor, you have the opportunity to help provide birthday/anniversary enrichment and special treats, approved by our care staff, as well as sponsoring the day's diet and care for your chosen ape.

Day Sponsors will receive a year membership which includes invites to our two Member Days. In addition, Day Sponsors will receive recognition on our social media pages for sponsoring your chosen ape's day (unless you opt out).

Those apes listed below who are in bold already have their full-day sponsored. Those apes listed below who are in italics have a half-day sponsor. You can become a Day Sponsor by filling out the form below and donating. 

Apes and Their Birthday/Anniversary Date

BamBam– January 3rd   Angel - May 5th Jethro– August 24th Connie - December 2nd
Maggie– January 12th Mystery - June 1st Murray - September 7th Pumpkin - December 2nd
Stryker– January 19th Ewok - June 1st Geri– September 13th Larry - December 5th
Sinbad - January 20th Mikayla - June 2nd Bentley- September 14th Boma– December 14th
Kenzy- January 31st Ripley– June 12th Butch– September 16th Louie– December 19th
Cahaya - February 6th Sunshine– June 13th Chipper– September 16th Noelle– December 19th
Sandra - February 14th Kiki– June 20th Pebbles– September 20th Natsu– December 29th
Jacob– February 15th Bo - June 20th Bella– September 29th Allie– December 30th
Bubbles– March 11th Kenya– July 1st Candy - September 30th  
Oopsie– March 11th   Maude - October 1st  
Harry– March 18th Hanna - July 9th Linus– October 10th  
Tammy - March 27th Tango - July 17th Christopher– October 11th  
Josh - April 1st Mowgli - July 22nd Mari– October 24th  
Chuckie– April 6th Hannah - July 27th ShaSha - November 5th  
Jam– April 9th Archie - July 31st Crystal - November 16th  
Jeeter - April 12th Billy - August 1st Marco– November 21st  
Ellie– April 17th Daisy - August 4th Keagan– November 23rd  
Popi– April 23rd Kodua - August 7th Kerry - November 23rd  
Sabina - May 1st Pongo– August 16th Brooks– November 30th  
Bailey - May 4th Radcliffe– August 18th Chloe - December 2nd  

If you have questions regarding becoming a Day Sponsor or which ape's day to sponsor, please reach out to our Donor Programs Coordinator at

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