Enrichment Sponsorship Program

Chimpanzees and orangutans are highly intelligent sentient beings. In their natural habitat, they face everyday obstacles such as foraging for food, navigating their environment, participating in social activities, and avoiding danger.

It is essential to their well-being that they are kept engaged and stimulated. There are several types of enrichment that we utilize; sensory, food-based, manipulative, environmental, and behavioral-social. Each type of enrichment encourages our residents to overcome challenges and to solve problems that would be natural to them.

We are asking our members, supporters, and friends to help sponsor these enrichment and ape-care items.  As an enrichment sponsor, you may donate as little as $5 or as much as the total cost of the item and any donation amount in between.

Gardening for Great Apes Sponsor

Become a Great Ape Garden Sponsor.

For the gardening season, we're raising $5,200, which will be enough to cover the annual start-up costs for produce and supplies. We'll be growing green beans, Napa cabbage, collards, cucumbers, microgreens, purple kale, red lettuce, green lettuce, okra, sweet peppers, snacking peppers, spinach, rainbow chard, tomatoes, and more.
You can become a Great Ape Garden Sponsor by donating as little as $5 to our Gardening for Great Apes campaign!

Day Sponsor Program

Become a Day Sponsor in honor of our residents' birthdays/anniversaries.

Choose which of our orangutan and chimpanzee residents you would like to sponsor a day for then choose to be a full Day Sponsor with a $250 donation or a half Day Sponsor with a $125 donation. Sponsorships help provide special birthday enrichment items and treats in addition to the daily diet and care costs for that particular day.

Produce Partner Program

Become a Produce Partner for our orangutans and chimpanzees.

The Orangutans and chimpanzees are provided with a healthy nutritious diet with variety. We provide the apes with 46 cases of leafy greens, 25 cases of fresh vegetables, 22 cases of seasonal fruit, and 8 cases of starches each week. Which is approximately 5,096 cases of fresh produce each year. Become a Produce Partner and help defray the rising costs of the apes' diets.

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