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At age five, Mowgli still had an active working-life when his California owner decided to get out of the apes-in-entertainment business and retire all his apes to the Center’s sanctuary in Florida. Mowgli had worked in the first CareerBuilder’s TV ads, was a “regular” on the Dennis Miller Show, and had just finished the movie Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen before he arrived in Wauchula with eleven other chimpanzees in March 2005.

Mowgli arrived in the company of then 2-year-old infant Kodua, and the two of them were inseparable. When Kodua was introduced back to her original family (Oopsie’s group), Mowgli was introduced to several older youngsters – Natsu, Brooks, and Angel.

Mowgli is a very happy and friendly chimpanzee and gets along well with many of the other chimpanzees he has met here. He has lived with numerous chimpanzees here at the sanctuary and currently resides with Brooks, Noelle, Kenya, Natsu, and Chipper.   Mowgli has close bonds with Natsu and a budding relationship with Chipper.

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Interesting Facts

  • He is also very close to Kenya and they are usually found playing together or grooming in the aerial trailways.
  • Mowgli enjoys swinging in his hammock while looking at photographs in magazines and he loves toys and balls. But his favorite play activity is anything involving water! He laughs while running through the sprinklers, squirting the hose on his feet, or splashing in a tub of sudsy water.


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