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Larry is a 25-year-old male chimp held at a safari park in Arkansas for over a year after the facility was closed. He was born in Missouri and then sent to a trainer in Los Angeles, but after he become too big to work in Hollywood, he ended up in a small zoo in the Ozarks.

Born at the same compound in Missouri where 13 of our other residents originated, Larry already has many relatives at the Center for Great Apes! In fact, Larry’s full sisters are here – Candy and Crystal! When he completes the quarantine period for new arrivals, Larry will have an opportunity to meet other CGA residents and find a group (maybe his family) that he’s compatible with.

Larry is a smart and active male with an engaging personality. He’s discovering new toys and enrichment as well as stepping out into a section of our aerial trailways. His transition to sanctuary life is going very well.

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Caring for one of our apes costs over $30,000 a year. By symbolically adopting the ape of your choice, you are helping ensure your orangutan or chimpanzee's health, safety, and well-being.

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