Kenuzy arrived at the Center for Great Apes in 2004—accompanied by his best friends, twins Jonah and Jacob—only one week before Category 4 Hurricane Charley hit the sanctuary. What an introduction to Florida!

As an infant, Kenuzy was worked by a trainer in Washington State until all the apes were confiscated by the authorities because of the trainer’s neglect and abuse of them. Kenuzy was five years old at the time. He was sent to a California trainer, who worked Kenuzy only a very short time before retiring him. Kenuzy was 11 years old when he came here. Naturally, his social group included Jonah and Jacob, and it also extended to chimpanzee girls Daisy, Maggie, Ellie, and Bella.

Even though he was entering his “macho” young adult years while at the Center, Kenuzy was one sweet male chimp! He never challenged the younger, more dominant twins, but seemed happy to simply bond with them and enjoy grooming sessions with them.

Our job working with the apes is filled with wonderful moments and accomplishments But it also includes the most heartbreaking moments, such as losing Kenuzy to cancer. His last week in the veterinary hospital was filled with constant care and love from our devoted staff.

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09/29/1993 - 12/14/2007

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