Jacob passed away peacefully in his nest on April 4, 2024, from heart failure. He leaves behind a legacy of resilience, gentleness, and joy.

Born on February 15, 1996, at a drive-through safari park in Oklahoma, Jacob entered this world alongside his twin brother, Jonah, and their sister, Ellie. At just 8 years old, deemed too old and too big for the Hollywood entertainment industry, Jacob and Jonah, along with Kenuzy and Daisy, found solace and sanctuary in our care in August 2004.

Jacob had a gentle nature and laid-back demeanor which endeared him to his fellow chimpanzees and caregivers alike. He found joy in the simplest pleasures, from grooming sessions with his friends to indulging in his favorite treat, oatmeal.

An aficionado of enrichment activities, Jacob delighted in perusing magazines, often creating nests adorned with his favorite publications. His playful antics, characterized by silly faces and chimpanzee “food bark” noises, brought laughter to all who knew him. And during hot weather, there was no greater joy for Jacob than frolicking in the sprinkler or meticulously crafting his daily nests.

In addition to his siblings Jonah and Ellie, Jacob’s older brother, Murray, and his father, Joe, also found sanctuary with us.

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