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Bentley’s journey went from a challenging start to a flourishing life at the sanctuary. It is both inspiring and heartwarming. Born into a world of uncertainty and instability, Bentley, along with his companions Kenzy and Hannah, began their lives under the care of a chimp trainer. Their early years were marked by constant relocation and small crates within the confines of a van as their trainer sought opportunities in various cities across the United States.

Despite the adversities faced during his early years, Bentley’s resilient spirit shines through. With the help of patient and compassionate care, Bentley and his companions have gradually embraced a life full of choices and companionship at the sanctuary. Here, Bentley has found camaraderie among his fellow chimpanzees, forming deep bonds and enjoying playful interactions with his friends.

Bentley’s playful nature is evident in his daily activities at the sanctuary. Whether engaged in grooming sessions, wrestling playfully with his friends, or exploring the sanctuary grounds through the elevated trailway system, Bentley is joyful and content. His favorite pastime involves foraging for treats and eating. His favorite foods are primate biscuits, greens, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes. However, Bentley draws the line at broccoli.

As the youngest male chimpanzee at the sanctuary, Bentley continues to thrive under the loving care of sanctuary staff, reminding us of the transformative power of patience, compassion, and the enduring bonds of friendship.



Bentley’s remarkable journey captured the attention of not only sanctuary staff but also the wider world, including Hollywood. In 2023, actor Owen Teague studied Bentley as part of his preparation for the lead role in the movie “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.” Portraying a chimpanzee named Noa, Teague immersed himself in the nuances of chimpanzee behavior, drawing inspiration from Bentley’s inquisitive and playful demeanor.

The film’s use of CGI brings its ape characters to life and Teague’s dedication to capturing the essence of chimpanzee behavior added depth and authenticity to his portrayal. By studying Bentley and other chimpanzees, Teague gained insight into their social dynamics, communication methods, and emotional range, allowing him to instill his character with a sense of authenticity and empathy.

“I remember that first time that I met Bentley, I saw this this look in his eyes that was like this curiosity and awareness of what was around him and this like kind of investigative quality he had. That’s, and that was like where I began with Noa. I saw that in him and I was like that’s me, that’s what I need. And so it kind of evolved from there.” ~ Owen Teague

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Interesting Facts

  • His caregivers describe him as goofy, smart, and friendly


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