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Caring for one of our apes costs over $30,000 a year. By symbolically adopting the ape of your choice for a one-time donation of $300, you are helping ensure your orangutan or chimpanzee's health, safety, and well-being. Your donation will go toward the basic items your ape needs, such as food, medical care, habitat maintenance, and enrichment activities vital to these intelligent and sensitive individuals.

Ape adoptions include:

  • An electronic ape adoption packet (certificate and ape photo page)

  • Enrollment in our monthly e-newsletters and communications

  • Twice-yearly Ape Updates regarding your chosen ape

  • Virtual 15-minute visit with your chosen ape and/or chosen ape's caregiver*

  • Family Membership to the Center (four people), which includes an invitation to our two member events

Adopt-a-Palooza is going on for the entire month of July! For 31 days, we'll showcase 31 of our orangutan and chimpanzee residents on our social media platforms who need a little more love. We hope to get 31 new full ($300 one-time donation) adoptions this month!

Below is a list of the 31 apes who need more love:

Chimpanzees: Billy, Boma, Brooks, Chloe, Crystal, Daisy, Ewok, Hannah, Jeeter, Josh, Kenzy, Kerry, Kodua, Larry, Mikayla, Murray, Mystery, Natsu, Ripley, ShaSha, Stryker, and Tammy

Orangutans: Bailey, BamBam, Connie, Jam, Jethro, Kiki, Sinbad, Tango, and Pebbles

Those that are in bold have been adopted this month already; however, that doesn't mean that can't have more adoptive parents!

Thank you for being a part of our adoptive parent family!

**All virtual visits are subject to the schedule of the sanctuary and the apes. Not every ape's personality will allow for a live virtual visit. In some instances, a prerecorded session may be needed. Donations of the one-time amount of $300 may schedule their tours immediately. Monthly $25 donors will become eligible to schedule their tours once they have reached their 10th month of donating.

Have questions about adopting an ape? Need help choosing which ape you would like to adopt or scheduling your virtual visit? Contact Donor Programs Coordinator Lauren at or call the Donor Relations Office at 863-767-8903 ext. 230.

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