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It costs $25,000 a year to care for one of our apes. By symbolically adopting the ape of your choice for a one-time donation of $300 or $25 monthly for a year, you are helping ensure the health, safety, and well-being of your orangutan or chimpanzee. Your donation will go toward the basic items your ape needs such as food, medical care, habitat maintenance, and enrichment activities that are so vital to these intelligent and sensitive individuals.

Ape adoptions include:

  • An e-certificate stating the adoptee’s name and the ape chosen
  • An Ape Photo Page featuring their unique website link to view additional photos and information
  • Enrollment to our monthly e-newsletters
  • Membership for four people including an invitation to our two member events
  • Private tour for four people*

**All adoption correspondence and packets will be emailed to you as we have gone paperless.**

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to adopt at the $25 a month for one year level, please click the button below to select the "show my support by making this a recurring donation".  All monthly donations will continue on a recurring schedule until you reach out to us to cancel by contacting the Donor Relations Office at or by calling 863-767-8903 ext. 230.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our adoptive parent family!

*Donations of the one-time amount of $300 may schedule their tours immediately. Monthly $25 donors will become eligible to schedule their tours once they have reached their 10th month of donating.

**A paper packet can be requested; however, you will need to contact our Donor Relations Office directly to make those arrangements, otherwise all materials will be delivered electronically.  Donor Relations Office at or call 863-767-8903 ext. 230.

Have questions about adopting an ape? Need help choosing which ape you would like to adopt or scheduling your private tour? Contact Donor Programs Coordinator, Lauren, at or call the Donor Relations Office at 863-767-8903 ext. 230.


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